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A student room is a way for students to organize their study time independently. Finding the right room is the icing on the cake. A new home in one of the most defining phases of a person's life.

There are more and more and better student rooms to be found in Venlo. This is partly due to the growth of new educational institutions in the city. This ensures that more and more students are finding the largest city in northern Limburg. The supply of student rooms is increasingly better suited to this. The student in Venlo can now choose from several options and is guided by price, square meters, location and facilities.

Furnishing student room Venlo

A usual student room in Venlo varies in size between 10 m2 and 30 m2. The room generally consists of one space in which a sleeping area, kitchen and living room are arranged. In some cases, the sleeping area and living room area are combined to save space. Students relatively do not spend a lot of time in their rooms, and relaxation and socializing are often done outside.

Are you looking for a student room in Venlo? Then make sure the following basic facilities are definitely present:

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