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Student housing in Venlo has grown steadily in recent years. Still, Venlo suffers from a shortage of good and affordable student housing in the center or on the outskirts of Venlo's center.

More and more study programs are choosing to locate in Venlo. The Limburg city's location, close to the German and Belgian borders, is very suitable as a location for various international study programs. The number of (international) students who come here and then look for suitable student housing is growing explosively. The shortage of student housing in Venlo is unfortunately one of the evidences of this.

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Agro-logistics and technical studies in particular are doing well in the Venlo and North Limburg region. As a logistics hotspot, Venlo is an excellent place to linger after studying in that field. The student room is increasingly followed by a house to buy, with or without a partner. The Venlo student is often also a Venlo resident, however, more and more international students are moving to Venlo. From Eastern European countries such as Poland and Bulgaria but also further, from China and the rest of Asia. The student housing and surrounding facilities are also increasingly geared to this group. It is the international multi-cultural character of student housing like LEBE City Campus that ensures Venlo is ready to welcome this group appropriately.

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Customized housing

If you are looking for a student room in Venlo, you have a number of options. Housing cooperatives often have long waiting lists and do not consider customized housing. There are also private landlords in Venlo who provide student housing. Sometimes furnished, including various facilities and at different rental rates. The student can thus choose housing according to his or her wishes and needs.

LEBE City Campus helps students in Venlo who are looking for the right, spacious and well-priced student housing. Contact us for more information or view our student housing book directly!

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