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What does Venlo have to offer?

Just a few kilometers from the German border, between Nijmegen and Maastricht, lies Venlo. After Maastricht, Venlo is the second largest city in the province of Limburg. With 100,000 inhabitants, spread over a large area and several city districts, the city is a tourist and logistics hotspot. The beautiful location of the city ensures that the municipality of Venlo, in addition to many (international) tourists, also attracts many types of companies and multi-nationals.

Venlo vibrates

In addition, Venlo is a vibrant center of cultural and sports activities. Going crazy to house and techno in the park? Then Stereo Sunday is your thing. Do you love guitar bands and go to a lot of concerts? Go to poppodium Grenswerk all year round and in summer visit Zomerparkfeest and ZOKS festival. Do you like sports and keep fit? We challenge you to participate in VenloStormt and the Venloop. One is with mud and obstacles, the other is an internationally acclaimed running race where international records are broken.

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Shop, eat, party, repeat

Drinking or rocking, no problem either. Venlo is dotted with sunny terraces, along the Meuse River or in front of the iconic city hall. Crisscrossing the city are the various cozy pubs and bars. The cinema plays one blockbuster after another and for the gourmet there is a movie house. Shopping is a feast thanks to the various cute boutiques and well-known chains. Hungry after shopping? Snacks can be had in the city's many restaurants. From a burger bar to fine dining.

Venlo for students

This healthy mix of international activity, combined with the city's sprawling and quiet location, creates an ideal environment for students to explore their future.

Currently, Venlo has three major educational institutions.

All of these schools can be reached from LEBE City Campus within ten bike-minutes.

Housing for students in Venlo

You have probably already chosen one of the three schools and are looking for a suitable housing opportunity with an open mind. LEBE City Campus can help you with that. Check out our rooms and discover how you can celebrate your student life here the way you envision it.

More information? Contact us and ask all your questions. Request a tour without any obligation? No problem, we are happy to show you what we have to offer.

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